When life throws garbage at you…make cookies!

I haven't done a mental health post in some time. Today feels like a really good day to do one. So let's have a real talk. I'm a mother to 7 children, a wife to someone who deals daily with mental illness, and a human being myself. I have never dealt with mental illness personally.... Continue Reading →

Let’s Party!

How do you handle getting invited to ALL the birthday parties? Since we are a large family and our kids are getting to the age where they are making more friends; we find ourselves getting invited to lots of birthday parties. Just this month we have been invited to five parties. Five birthday parties! We... Continue Reading →

How I Manage So Many Kids…

Having a large family can be rough some days. Most days, I question my own sanity. However, I could never imagine my life on a smaller scale. Keep reading below to find out how I manage so many kids every day. Having Support My husband is my rock. He is always there to lend an... Continue Reading →

Let Them Play

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week has found you enjoying the things you love. Or at the very least surviving the work week so you can get to your weekend fun. Today's blog post will be shorter but it's something that you will want to hear. So often as moms, we get thrown into... Continue Reading →

Good Morning Tuesday!

Hey y'all! I've been a bit quiet over here on the blog lately. Last week we didn't get much blog content out but we have been making progress towards learning more about our video camera set-up and working on some reviews to share with you all. I wanted to take a quick moment here this... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Thursday

Let's talk about CAM.... Thursday blog series If you have struggled with any sort of mental health issue, you know that the variety of prescription medication is almost like the Wild West. There are so many prescription drugs on the market for mental health issues. There are medications you take in conjunction with your regular... Continue Reading →

How to Clean Like a Boss

When you have a large family...... Cleaning day has come. It's every mom's worst nightmare. The laundry is piled high, along with the dishes. The kids have all mysteriously come down with something or are doing their best disappearing act. We are a large family and as you can imagine, cleaning is pretty much a... Continue Reading →

Happy Friday!

It's finally Friday! Who am I kidding though, I'm a mom and I don't get days off. Today is a super special day though because it is National Book Lovers Day. That's right all my book loving geeks, it's a day for sitting back, relaxing, and reading your favorite book. It's nationally recognized so we... Continue Reading →

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