Let’s Party!

How do you handle getting invited to ALL the birthday parties?

Since we are a large family and our kids are getting to the age where they are making more friends; we find ourselves getting invited to lots of birthday parties.

Just this month we have been invited to five parties. Five birthday parties! We love going to them, I mean who doesn’t? Getting someone a gift is so fun. Plus there’s usually 🎂!

But how do you handle getting invited to several parties in a weekend or even within a week or so of each other? It can he hard to decide what party to attend.

We only get so much time to see each other during the school year. With the husband’s work schedule and balancing other activities like getting groceries or appointments; it gets tricky. Especially with seven kids!

There are times when we just can’t make it to a party and our kids always feel sad. It is just a part of being so popular we tell them. We try to make time for our kids to have growing friendships and even us adults too.

One thing I have started doing to make sure we have time for these things is not filling every weekend up with errands. It has helped SO much!

I make a point to run a few errands dyring the week when I can. I do as much for the household on my weekday time so when the weekend comes we aren’t scrambling to go shopping, pay bills, clean house, etc.

Another way I can make it possible to make sure the kids get to attend birthday parties, is by shopping smart for presents.

Always make sure you know what the child likes and shop per the theme. This can make a trip to the toy isle super easy.

Also, most kids do not care about the package the present comes in. So a plain bag and some sheets of paper are perfect. We love our dollar store for things like this!

Today we got to attend a party for a friends son. We had a blast. Kept our tribe entertained for a bit, ate cake, watch him open presents, then said our goodbyes.

It was short and sweet but it was fun and we enjoyed spending time with them. Birthday parties don’t have to be stressful or expensive. A simply party at the local park for the win today! And our dollar store present was a hit.

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